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Name:  K.R.Rames
           Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009
Place:  Chennai
Subject:  Mrithika Mahima
Miracle:  Dear Friends- Few days back- my son had a boil on his lips inside- which kept growing. Hence I took him to my family doctor yesterday. After seeing- he advised us to go to a surgeon for removing that. He felt that is extra growth and hence needs to be cut off. My son was terribly worried- but we finally decided to have it on Saturday (August 1- 2009). Suddenly a thought came to my mind last night- and I immediately applied Moola Brindavan Mrithika on that particular portion. Today morning- my son woke up and told me that there is no change. Then immediately he went and saw that in a mirror and came back to me running saying that it had reduced a bit. So- again before going to school put mrithika on that part. Just now i called up and spoke to my wife. My wife is thrilled because it has reduced considerably and there is no pain at all in that portion. I don t have words to express my happiness after hearing this. Nothing is impossible when Guruji is there to help us all. OM SHRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA!!! Warm Regards K.R.Rames


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